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In order to motivate the team spirit, the prerequisite is to organize a good team first. A good team is not casually to members together, but to achieve a common goal, to determine the characteristics of team members, organize a good team, but the key to motivate team cooperation spirit and the starting point. A good team is to tap into the potential of team members and inspire each member's potential. Potential is an explosive force! It's a source from within, and from the outside that can be invoked. The most important thing is spiritual potential, which is one's will, attitude and character. Willpower comes from desire, and the greater the desire, the greater the willpower, and thus the greater the potential. By communicating with each other, we can find the correct direction of each person and set up the true ideal, to inspire the passion and motivation of employees. At the same time, we must also break the human frailty. Every one of us has negative, comfortable, hesitant, lazy, self-governing, easy to satisfy, these human frailties, we must be resolute in restraint The nurses are few, the patient is many, is I from July 1984 to attend nursing work till now, has not solved the difficult problem. This is not something that a nurse can solve, but a nurse who needs to be put to the attention of the government. "The nurse management approach" and "the regulations on the nurse, expressly provides for hospital beds and the proportion of nurses is 1-0. 4, but carry out to every department of the hospital, is short of this standard. When I was working in a beachhead hospital, 10 nurses were responsible for more than 100 inpatients, except for outpatient patients. In longhui county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the conditions are better, and now there are 14 nurses who are responsible for the treatment of 50 or 60 hospitalized patients (there are only 52 beds in the ward, but often extra beds). When no one can replace or help we nurse care of the patient, we are going to the hospital leadership many times is useless, because the increase of the nursing staff is always can't keep up with the increase of number of patients, because when recruiting nurses, may not have enough nurses to apply for, as well as the nurse outflow phenomenon. Can't change the reality, can only change myself, nurse only work hard, to explain to patients' families more, guide them how to observe his condition, make the patient's life care, psychological care, medication nursing, functional exercise, etc., the patient very family cooperation can be achieved, to reach the expected effect of treatment and care, to avoid mistake on accident. Sometimes, nurses have to ask the doctor to help us to work together, even if they watch a office or (later only a nurse to work the night shift, nurses to ward rounds, or treatment and care, no one in the office, someone to come to the office to find doctors and nurses to do, or how someone stole drug treatment), or even please guard escort situation as well. "Aunt, please help me to look after, I go to the ward to give a patient infusion, the catheter, have a bed to call me." The thing that you're able to do in your own home, before you even just go start looking into various car shops, is check their reputation. You can do that from the internet, searching for car forums the place where a great deal of people offer reviews and opinions regarding knowledge about certain mechanics. Also, you can ask your household or friends if they'd like to recommend someone they have tried and they are pleased with their service. The Ball Poem & Miniver Cheevy

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